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Seven simple truths

I recently reconnected with someone I really hadn’t seen since before Covid. We were sharing updates about what God was teaching us and when I shared what I had been hearing and what I was being reminded of. He said something to the effect of: “Wow, I remember you were pretty much learning some of those same things 3 years ago.” I think he was trying to say it was neat to see God continue to remind me of the same things, but I was a little irked and then wondered if I still am stuck in the remedial or Kindergarten version of the spiritual journey, whatever that even means.

I know my friend had the best of intentions, and God has continued to remind me not to get my identity from what other people think and to stop worrying about measuring my progress. He has also reminded me of these seven truths (over the past several years and I’ll probably need a reminder my entire lifetime), but I’ve recently experienced them more profoundly than ever before. These weren’t anything that I didn’t already know, but the more I engage and really lean into believing these, the more at ease I find myself. And when I’m secure in who God says I am, it changes how I interact with others. Here is what I’ve sensed God whispering to me:

1. You are deeply loved—nothing you do could ever change that!

2. My grace is sufficient and is freely given--you are forgiven and free!

3. I am enough. There is enough. You are enough!

4. I am with you and for you—always!

5. I smile when I look at you and am not disappointed in you.

6. I’m gentler than you realize; my burden is light and my yoke is easy.

7. You are my beloved child—I created you and am proud of you!

I hope you can take a few minutes to slow down and really soak these in. Be open to what God is telling you today, and allow whichever ones resonate with your soul to be a reminder as many times as you are able to today.

- Matt

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