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Unveiling Reality

Although we usually connect the word apocalypse with the destruction of the world, it really means an unveiling or disclosure of a deeper truth.

It seems the pandemic joined forces with racism, politics, climate change, and even power outages to bring home how fragile our world can be. We understand this fragility when a horrible accident or cancer strikes, but this time has been a time like no other of unveiling the reality of the brokenness of our world and our susceptibility.

For me it has also been a powerful unveiling of the deeper truth. What has been powerful and clear is that God is crazy in love with each one of us and wants a relationship with us.

(You can view that statement as a crutch or bandage I am deluding myself with or the true comfort it feels like to me.)??

During my 10 day covid quarantine with only myself God’s presence was always there. I thought it was a mountaintop experience that might fade. But it was an unveiling of the fact He is always with me like that. As I have continued to press into inner healing and listening prayer, I am more certain than ever that He is with me and that He speaks to my heart. When I ask “what do I need to know?” “What do I need to do?” I sense His answers, “what are you fearful of? What do you want to exchange that fear for?”

On a recent trip to Alaska one of my highlights was seeing the aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights. Beautiful colors and shapes in the sky spoke to me of God’s creativity and power. I thought this was a very rare occurrence and was thrilled with my chance to see it. I found out that the amazing light show is happening all the time. You just have to be in a position to see it! This has been a metaphor for me of God’s presence. I need to put myself in places where I can hear His voice and recognize His presence, but it is always there even when I can’t see it.

What has been unveiled to you during this year? What truth do you want to communicate with those you love?

-Anne Lider

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