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Community Voices

What are our kids learning? What wisdom do they have for us? How are they connecting to God?

Cody Hill

Cody (9) broke his leg skiing this past February. It turned his world upside-down. It took him out of school, regular activities and into a wheel-chair for 5 weeks. He had a season of ups and downs, yet has ultimately brought him closer to God and his family while learning new things about himself.

Below is an interview with Cody.

What has been hard?

Being lonely. Not getting to do what everyone else is doing because of my leg.

Everything I do is hard. Even simple things like going to the bathroom has been hard and frustrating. Having to need someone else to help. I having to be vulnerable.

What have you learned?

When are things are hard to try to stay calm and be strong. I have learned that I am really tough. I also learned it helps me to set small goals I can reach.

I have learned to be vulnerable. I don’t like being vulnerable but people were very nice when I asked for help. Learned to have empathy for people who have different. Now when I see someone in a wheelchair I think about how hard it was for me and now I care for others.

I learned I had way better days when I stayed connected to people verses days when I had too much screen time. Way better!

How has God helped you?

He is helping me stay strong and not worry too much about it. Worship music has really helped. My favorite songs are Holy Water and Yes I Will.

What advice do you have for someone else going through a hard time?

Listen to worship music to stay calm and relax. Don’t worry too much. Stay connected people who love you and are nice to you.

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