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Practicing listening prayer

God is communicating to us all the time. (I Corinthians 2:9-16)

Are we listening?

I am learning about “listening prayer” through Jamie and Donna’s most recent course; “Becoming What You Believe”. Listening prayer is an awareness of how God is revealing and manifesting His presence in us, in nature, in others and in circumstances. It is a lifestyle of learning to receive from God with the mind of Christ.

Donna defines listening prayer as “the free flow of thoughts that come to your mind when the eyes of your heart are fixed on Jesus. It usually sounds like your own voice because you have the mind of Christ!”

Once I realized that listening to God begins with being aware and trusting God in everything, I experienced God everywhere. When I hear God’s voice it brings me a sense of peace and assurance. It encourages me. It gives me strength. It aligns with scripture and brings glory to God. If I feel fear or guilt or shame, I know that is not from God. God is communicating to us all the time!

Jamie and Donna offer the following steps to help guide us in listening to God.

“Look for Jesus in unexpected situations.

Receive his impartation of peace.

Believe he has the power to overcome fear.

Participate with his Spirit in you.

Forgive as you have been forgiven.”

My daily practice looks like this:

In the morning, I seek out my special place (a chair near a window in my bedroom). Ask God where your special place should be?

Then I do a simple breathing exercise. I use “Yahweh” as my word. I inhale “Yah” and exhale “Weh”. I do this several times as I practice breathing.

Then I ask God: What do you want me to know for today? I might go through my day and pause to listen to God at each activity or event.

I end with asking God: What do you want me to do today?

Exploring listening prayer is my way to experience faith, hope and love.

“God is for you. Jesus is with you and Spirit lives in you!” (Jamie and Donna)


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