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Counting Things

A couple months ago I was listening to a podcast with Jamie Winship, and he mentioned a phrase he heard from the Lord to “stop counting things.” This stuck out to me and resonated so loudly it was as if someone was shouting it to me.

When I had a chance to spend some time really thinking and praying about it, God revealed some things to me: I like to count things. I count money. I count what the stock markets do each day. I count or measure how I feel like I perform versus others or even against some ideal version of myself (which I never live up to). And our society is constantly bombarding us with the counting of some new important thing (most recently it has been votes, Covid deaths, social media hits, etc).

I have realized that the simple reason why I tend to spend so much time and energy counting is that it’s usually one of two motives: I want to grasp for control or I don’t really trust that God will take care of me and I’m living out of a scarcity mentality. After all, if I really believed that God is for me and I had enough, I wouldn’t need to spend time measuring and counting all the time.

As I’ve come to this realization in this season, God has reminded me that HE is ENOUGH and that I am ENOUGH IN HIM. He is so good and patient, and his love and grace is immeasurable, uncountable, and infinite. The simple premise of “seeking first the Kingdom” means to trust that our Good Father is in control and will take care of us, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. And as we do this one day at a time, the importance of counting and grasping for control seems to dissipate.

Questions to reflect on:

1. What do I spend time and energy counting or measuring?

2. Where am I still grasping for control or living with a scarcity mentality?

3. God, what do you want me to know about the word “enough” and what you truly think about me?

Up and Comers Podcast interview with Jamie Winship:

-Matt Tuttle

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