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Let's Get On With It

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Walking through the Seattle streets, the streets that seem to go straight up and straight down. It had a FREE sign on it... Who doesn't love free? An old cabinet, glass door and a drawer. Perfect! We both saw the potential for a new liquor cabinet. Not only would it fit perfectly into our 700 sq. ft. apartment, but had charm. Sam decided he'd carry it home. Up and down the hills he lugged that thing. Sweating, half-complaining and half-pretending it's not that hard. When we reached our apartment he set it down with a sigh of relief.

Not ten minutes had passed when we were wiping down the new cupboard and opened the drawer... it was full...four phone books! Ha! First of all, it had been awhile since we'd seen a phone book (remember those?!?), and secondly, we both had a good laugh at how much easier it would have been to carry the cabinet without the extra weight!

In hindsight it seems like a no-brainer. Remove the phonebooks before moving the cabinet. Yet so often we live life like this. We don't take the time to remove the extra weight and baggage, instead we move forward in haste. Half-complaining and half-pretending like it isn't that hard. We all have so much we carry around daily, anxiety, hurts, wounds, fears, anger, unforgiveness. Yet it feels too burdensome to slow down enough to unpack and leave it behind.

So we trudge on.

But we don't have to!

We can unload the phone books.

We can experience freedom, lightness, healing, wholeness, fullness!

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us" Hebrews 12:1 (NIV)

But how do we "throw off everything that hinders and the sin that entangles?" I believe it begins with our own healing.

Learning to heal is a craft. It is lost art that is slowly killing us. We need to be teaching ourselves and our children how to unload, to heal, to forgive, and to walk in freedom God has promised and is offering us.

What are our enemies?

Haste (we don't have time or want to make the time)

Pride (I'm fine!)

Shame (I don't know how to heal)

Fear (if I reveal I need healing, I reveal I can be hurt)

Comfort (being vulnerable and engaging in self-reflection is uncomfortable)

What price are we paying to let the "enemies" keep us from healing??

We are exhausted, burned-out, battered, disgruntled, bitter, angry, anxious, depressed, lonely, insecure, overwhelmed, overworked, stretched thin, without clarity, without purpose, without laughter, lightness, love, hope, freedom!

But I hear you...

"we don't have time"

"we are doing just fine"

"healing isn't possible"

"besides, we don't even need healing...we can't be hurt"

So we'll just put on another episode of Netflix, yell at our kids, be frustrated at our spouse, crack open a beer, pour a glass of wine, buy the latest gadget, scroll through social media, plan our next vacation and all live happily ever after.

-Annika C.

Next Steps:

  1. Which "enemy" seems to be most evident in your life today?

    1. Haste (we don't have time or want to make the time)

    2. Pride (I'm fine!)

    3. Shame (I don't know how to heal...)

    4. Fear (if I reveal I need healing, I reveal I can be hurt)

    5. Comfort (being vulnerable and engaging in self-reflection is uncomfortable)

  2. What is it costing you to let that enemy keep you from healing?

  3. Are you ready to unload? What are you willing to invest to heal?

Windrush would love to partner with you on your healing journey! Feel free to respond to this email and let us know if you'd like support finding the next step.

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