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Little Flickers of Hope

We are in unique times right now with the coronavirus pandemic. All the things that feed us have been taken away. Going to church; gathering with one another in community, singing and worshipping together. It’s real! We’re cut off from our sources and our supports. During this time, be gentle with each other.

When you’re going through a tough time, ask yourself: “When was the last time I went through a tough time? How did I get through?”

You’ll get through again, through the strength of your experiences. As our burdens get heavier our strength gets stronger.

Brene Brown said in a recent podcast, “the nature of existence is struggle.” Jesus struggled right up to his death. But he knew from his Father what he needed to do. He knew his source and where his strength came from. We need the energy of God to keep moving and we need each other. We need the source of life and His love to infuse us. Take some time with the Lord today; simply listen.

“So many of us hide little flickers of hope inside our hearts, and we ignore the small nudges from God, nudges pushing us to change the direction of our lives. Why? Maybe acting on those nudges will bring discomfort as our worldviews are disrupted. Maybe fear of the unknown or the loss of our tidy lives keeps us from following God. Whatever the case, when we don’t engage God, when we don’t follow his leadings, we end up carrying on the status quo, even if it not the right thing, the most just thing.”

Latasha Morrison – Be The Bridge

Where is God nudging you to do today?

What are the little flickers of hope inside your heart that you need to attend to, to step into, to possibly move in a different direction?

Write it down, pray about it, share it with your support community. Be safe. Be healthy.

-Cindy Bartman

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