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Looking Up

Josie, my daughter, has been practicing taking pictures. Amidst the thirty pictures of the green carpet and a selfie that captured her left cheek, this picture caught my eye. The picture is taken from our living room, where we will be gathering together this Saturday for our “Day-Away.”

When seeing this picture (me head-down in a diaper change) I was reminded that the tasks of our day to day lives are most often all-consuming; the work email, bedtime routine, vacation to plan, the next meal to prepare, the workout to complete. These tasks most often lay sharp and clear in the foreground. Yet every once in a while we slip into a moment where the foreground is darkened and we look up and realize something greater is calling. In those moments we are reconnected to the bigger story, the Hope, the Peace, the Promise.

I'm reminded of the saying…

Good news! This April 23rd, the mountain’s are calling, and you get to go! Spring Windrush Day Away (see below for details). I’m looking forward in anticipation of what is going to happen when we take a day to slow down, look up and reconnect to ourselves, God and to the bigger story.

-Annika C.

This is a great reminder to look up!

We will be hosting another day-away retreat Saturday April 23

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