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Make Room.

“No room!” The image of the Innkeeper appears my mind, a cartoon finger ushering Mary and Joseph away from the glossy pages of my bible board book. The cliché message “make room for Jesus” somehow feels profound on this drizzly February morning.

Do I? Do I “have room?” I found myself feeling stressed last Thursday morning because I had “so much to do.” How well trained I am to run from thing to thing, feeling as those each task on my to-do list was as important as stocking up on toilet paper before a pandemic.

So what would it look like to “make room?”

Make room in my finances

Make room in my schedule

Make room in my relationships

Make room in my mind

And would this “room” actually change anything? Or could it change everything?

We’ve all heard the story, the simple plot line. There was no room in the Inn, and so they missed out on having Jesus.

They didn’t know what they were missing, and perhaps neither do we.

I know making room starts with literally making time in my calendar to be quiet, to reflect and to listen. And I wonder what might happen from there.

-Annika C.

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