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more on honesty

If I’m honest: I don’t understand what God is doing in my life.

If I’m honest, pleasing people instead of God seems to still make sense as a way to get somewhere in this world's economy.

If I’m honest, I don't know how to stay connected to God in ways that make a difference in my daily life.

If I’m honest, I feel adrift about what I believe exactly when I am honest enough to flesh out my questions and doubts.

Yet when I’m this honest with God, my questions and seeking to be real and to hear God’s voice has made Him more real than at any other point in my faith. My questions, which used to scare me and still sometimes do, have actually been the first step in bringing an authenticity and understanding of God.

Honesty combined with listening, has completely transformed my faith and my understanding of God. It makes me feel like I can be integrated. I don’t have to lie to myself (or God). I can lay it out there, ask and listen to His response and move forward with Him in a way that feels real and connected.

What would you say if you were honest?

-Anne Lider

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