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Reduce Things

It is starting to feel like too much to make sense of! Trying to be a responsible student of racism, trying to understand what a safe, yet practical response to COVID 19 is and feeling very at sea about why two issues that seemingly should draw us all closer as a nation are so incredibly divisive.

It is exhausting.

Yet today I read a post from my friend Matt Toth from Revel ministry in Colorado. (Revel is the ministry we launched our Windrush retreats from. I would highly recommend one of their three day retreats!) The post was incredibly clarifying and helpful to stopping the spinning in my head.

READ IT HERE (2 minute read)

The quote that stopped me was “The greatest reality of your life is the love of God. And to not be aware of it is to be aware of too many other things.” Bill Johnson

What am I aware of? God’s Love or all the other things?

God, may we all work to reduce the chaos to be able to be aware of Your love. Amen.

Anne Lider

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