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Seeds of Legacy

I have never regretted going to a Memorial Service. No matter if it is in remembrance of a family member or friend, I have always left with a sense of perspective and reflection about life.

Today, I went to a Memorial Service of my spiritual father, Bud Bylsma. He planted so many seeds in my life. He is the person who made me understand the difference between religion and my relationship with God. He made my relationship with God real to me.

More seeds: We were both new to Portland and Bud and his wife Patti welcomed me into their lives. Around them I found a place where I was loved and could flourish. I had never experienced faith like theirs; with them the focus was on grace and acceptance. That time was the beginning of trusting myself and my connection to the Spirit of God to lead me.I have never regretted going to a memorial service. No matter if it is a service for a family or friend, I leave with a sense of perspective. It is a time to reflect on what is really important in life.

He was so solid in his belief God loves us unconditionally.

He understood the call of the gospel for justice.

He was a great storyteller and I can remember 40 years later much of his wisdom and the solid way he could communicate the gospel .

He also had wisdom I hadn’t heard anywhere else before Good friends and I , who worked and heard him in the Young Life club coined the term “Budisms” to quote some of his pearls of wisdom: “Evangelism is one beggar telling another beggar where to find food”, “A Christian is one who turns out to be one”, “God cares about justice and mercy”, “All truth is God’s truth”.

I realize how thankful l am to have those seeds of solid modeling planted in me at such a formative age. I have been amazed as I reflect how his wisdom gave me a solid foundation of faith and how the seeds he planted are woven throughout my life.

What moves my heart most powerfully though is 42 years later, I get to carry on his legacy. The seeds planted by God, though Bud and watered by many others are alive in me. I get to continue to plant them.

Anne Lider

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