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What Voice are you Listening to?


I recently watched Disney’s latest movie, Luca, with my kids. There is a scene where the title character, Luca, has met a new friend named Alberto. Luca is afraid to try something new because he could get hurt, and Alberto tells him not to listen to that voice inside his head. To help Luca, he says to tell that voice holding him back, “Silenzio, Bruno!” and this phrase is uttered throughout the movie as Luca silences the negative voice in his head and overcomes his fear.

It’s a silly scene, but one that reminded me how often I have a voice in my head, and that I listen to the one that promotes fear and insecurity. Annika Cook has spoken about this concept and even named this voice, “Ted” to call out the negative and untrue thoughts we have about ourselves.

I don’t know why, but it seems much easier to see when other people are listening to the wrong voice and believing a lie about themselves. For instance, my 7-year-old son recently had a rough day with some challenges listening to his parents (like all of us do sometimes). As I was putting him to bed, my heart broke as I could hear the guilt in his voice and he mentioned something to effect of being a “bad kid.” In that moment, I wanted to impart to him how loved he is, how good he is, and that what he was believing a voice that was based in a lie. Perhaps the “Silenzio, Bruno!” or something like “Shut up, Ted!” would have been applicable as I know what voice he was listening to and that the image of himself as a failure in that moment was a complete lie and that’s not who he truly is.

I wish I could say that as I get older, I have stopped listening to that negative voice. But the enemy is crafty, there are always new challenges that life throws in our way, and the same lies I have had to overcome can be re-framed in new ways. But simply knowing where to turn and what voice to listen to in the moment (or shortly thereafter) is so critical. Asking God to remind us how he sees us allows us to experience his abundant and never-ending love. That is at the heart of almost every insecurity I have, which is feeling a lack of love. And who better to remind us who we really are than the Good Father who uniquely knit us together in our mother’s womb.

Next time you start to believe something that ultimately isn’t true about you, or thoughts of fear and insecurity creep in, stop and recognize the voice of deception (or even say, “Silenzio, Bruno!”). If you are able, ask our gentle, loving father what HE has to say about you. I believe that reframes everything and ultimately brings us back in connection with the voice of Love, gently secured in our truest identity.

Matt Tuttle


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