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Wild for me.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

How do you feel about Christian music? Cheesy or life-changing? Over the past few years I’ve found a new appreciation for worship music. It has actually become one of the most powerful and consistent way that I connect to God.

When listening to various songs, and actually hearing the words, I often have the experiences where it's almost as some lyrics are in bold and jump out at me. It is not uncommon to find my entire being (and sometimes tears) responding to a phrase or line in a song. I do believe music, both worship or secular, is one way God can communicate with us.

Recently, the song “Wild for Me” by Brandon Lake has been speaking to me! (Click here listen…The whole album is amazing.)

I’ve been having a hard time believing or understanding how God wants or does intervene in our everyday lives.

The chorus of the song goes like this:

I asked for a touch and You wrecked me with love I asked for a drink and You poured out a flood Running wild, Your love runs wild for me I asked for a way, You tossed mountains aside I asked for a spark and You gave me a fire Running wild, Your love runs wild for me

Hearing those words blew me away. I realize that if I ask (which often I don’t even ask because I’m afraid God won’t show up), I usually only ask for this small, teeny-tiny amount of God to show up. The song highlighted God’s abundance and the way He wants to overflow my life with the experience of His love. For whatever reason when hearing this truth in the music it seemed to resonate not only in my mind, but my soul. Music can be mysteriously powerful!

My experience the past few weeks with this song has been helping to move a truth I knew in my head, into my heart and soul. It feels like a transition from “knowing” to “experiencing” a taste of God’s love, and a refreshed awareness of the breadth and depth of that love.

>> When or where have you experienced God’s love?

>> What may God be using to speak to you lately? A song? Nature? A friends wisdom? Scripture?

-Annika C.

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